Anthony Moultry Bio

South Florida native. Globetrotter. Photographer. Cinephile. Home-chef. Gemini. Clothing Designer. 

“I was given my first camera at 8 years-old,” remembers photographer Anthony

Moultry. “And I won my first award—a junior photography contest—at 9 years-old.”

Surrounded by skill at home and enveloped by the beauty of his native Florida surely

aided in his growth as a camera fiend. “Growing up in South Florida was quite unique,”

says Moultry, who majored in Cinematography in high school at the prestigious Dillard

School of the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale and served as a student photographer

for the city’s noted Sun-Sentinel newspaper. 

 “My upbringing and surroundings were diverse and cosmopolitan. South Florida is a wonderful cornucopia of Caribbean, South American and European ethnicities and creeds. I recognized that the world we live in isn't simply Black and White and that while America is amazing it certainly isn’t the center of the universe.”

His cravings for travel directed him to forgo Law School after graduating from the

esteemed Morehouse College with a degree in Political Science. Instead, Anthony

decided to marry his zeal for pictures with his fervor for discovering distant lands. “I've

traveled through Europe, South America, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa.”

“Creativity means the world to me and even though I am still a work in progress, I am confident that my photography will impact the world. “

His desire to combine his photography skills with his love of fashion and creativity inspired him to release his private clothing label named after him, Anthony Moultry. The line incorporates his photography from around the globe with his graphic design skills to produce provocative tank tops, tee shirts and tote bags, all unisex.